Kurt Giehl is an artist residing in East Hampton, New York.  Giehl is a painter using a combination of oil and acrylics.  After a successful 23 years on Wall Street, Giehl decided to leave his financial career behind and pursue his passion for art full time.  Having only dabbled in art while on Wall Street, Giehl and his husband relocated from Manhattan to East Hampton to fully immerse himself into the East End art scene.

Avid fisherman, Giehl and his husband spend much of their time on the waters across the South and North Forks of Long Island.  His seascape paintings are all inspired from the numerous fishing trips in local waters.  Like so many other artists, Giehl was drawn to the Hamptons for the amazing light and natural beauty.  His seascape paintings highlight the subtleness of horizon – where air meets land meets water.  Each painting is orchestrated to not only capture the physical beauty of the east end, but to also capture a state of mind, atmosphere and aura of the images captured on these fishing trips.  In other paintings, Giehl smears the paint across the canvas using palette knives and home-made tools to blend and move the paint across the canvas in unexpected and exciting ways.

Drawing from his professional career on Wall Street, Giehl’s work is heavily influenced by process and the bold, direct and precise nature of his former career.  His work is an adventurous combination of hue and construction.  Breaking from what made him successful in banking, Giehl approaches each painting as a dynamic puzzle that unfolds itself over the creative process.


Email: kurt.giehl@gmail.com

Phone:  917.628.0282

Website:  www.kurtgiehl.com

Instagram: instagram.com/kurtgiehl



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