Hamptons Art Hub's online exhibition "Pushing Boundaries: Art that Defies Expectations" is curated Alicia G. Longwell, Ph.D., the Parrish Art Museum Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Chief Curator, Art and Education. All of the art was viewed online only as part of Hamptons Art Hub's Online Art Competition. The names and locations of the submitting artists were hidden from Longwell during the judging process. The Call for Art requested work that defies expectations or pushes the artist's practice in some way.

To discover the art selected as Best in Show, Best Fine Art and Best Photography, click here.

To see the Online Exhibition, view our slideshow by CLICKING HERE.


Artists selected for the online exhibition are Darlene Charneco, Carolyn Conrad, Gosha Karpowicz, Lutha Leahy-Miller, Patricia Russac, Janine Schmitt, Jerry Schwabe, Anne Seelbach, Tito Soyoc, Karl H. Szekielda and Lieve Thiers.



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