DISPATCH - Jun 20, 2012 (9:42 p.m.)


Surprise! Hamptons Art Hub has changed. Yesterday afternoon, Hamptons Art Hub emerged with a new look after a site redesign.

One big difference is the ability to see a stack of stories instead of one choice at a time. Featured Posts near the top of the Home Page allow for even more story options at a glance. And, yes, now we have a Home Page!

To make navigating easy, stories fall into four major categories: Art News, Exhibitions, Visual Diary, and Artist Profiles. An Exhibition drop down menu provides additional refinement with five separate options.

New to the site is the Directory. Five options provide the chance to peer into the Hamptons art scene a little further. Pages that list galleries and "other" places to find art on the East End are new resources. So is our Blog Roll, currently in development.

Listings for Artists and Services are new in two ways. First, Hamptons Art Hub now has spots for listings. Second, being listed is a way the public can become part of Hamptons Art Hub (Yes--I mean that these two areas are paid listings!). The "Happening Now" section on the right side is a way for exhibitions or special art acquisitions to get noticed (Yes, this is paid too).

Of course, the row of advertisements occupying spaces on the right side of the site was probably an obvious signal that something had changed at Hamptons Art Hub. Advertising is now graciously being accepted.

The site redesign was timed to mark our one year anniversary. Last June, Hamptons Art Hub published its first Visual Diary. Hamptons Art Hub (or HAH! for short) has provided steady stories about the art scene in the Hamptons and further afield since then.

Now, summer is here and art is igniting the Hamptons. I'm looking forward to seeing what unfolds next. Compelling art awaits. So do stories left untold.

Thanks for reading and for being part of Hamptons Art Hub. It's deeply appreciated.

-Pat Rogers


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There’s plenty of art news, art fair coverage and artists with a Hamptons / North Fork connection.

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  1. HAH! What a great acronym. It tells a story of its own.
    And the redesigned site is, in a word, stunning.
    Great stuff.

  2. Happy Anniversary. I look forward to Art Hub news and its new format. I always enjoy reading
    your selections of what’s happening.

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