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If success as an artist is elusive, perhaps it's time to shore up on business skills. A four-part series titled "The Business of Art" launches on Friday night in East Hampton. Seminars will offer insight into consignments and gallery contracts, pricing artwork, creating databases, grants, social media, resale certificates for art supplies and more.

Jane Martin on location.

The seminar is organized and presented by Jane Martin under the auspices of the Community Arts Project. Martin is a long-standing professional artist who also runs several art-related businesses.

Over the winter, when the pace slows considerable on the East End of Long Island, it struck Martin that area artists might benefit from a primer on the business side of art. The idea for a one-shot workshop slowly grew into a four-part series.

The aim is to present a wide range of information so artists can walk away with business savvy on a variety of topics that can encourage financial success. When there's enough cash flow, becoming or remaining a self-sustaining artist is viable, said Martin.

"The goal is to present basic tools for artists and provide different options for the future," she said. "You have to know how to get your work out there. Artists need to know what they can expect from galleries and other places that are selling their work. This is information that every artist needs to know. "

Each session features a talk by Martin and a guest speaker. Informational handouts are part of each seminar. The Business of Art will be presented at the Springs Presbyterian Church in East Hampton. Sessions are $40 each and are payable at the door by cash or check. Reservations are not required.

There are four installments offered. "Part One: The Professional Artist" takes place on Friday, June 15, from 5 to 7 p.m. Topics include consignments and contracts with galleries, invoicing clients, the legal requirement to charge tax on art sales, and the ability to eliminate tax for art supplies with a Resale Certificate. The guest speaker is artist and independent curator Janet Goleas.

"Part Two: The In and Outs" takes places on Friday, June 29, from 5 to 7 p.m. Topics include pricing artwork, organizing online and offline databases, websites, catalogues, grants and other resources.

"Part Three: Promoting Yourself" takes place on Monday, July 9, from 5 to 7 p.m. Topics include investing in your art, controlling your image, press, networking and using social media (Facebook, online sales platforms and forums, e-blasts).

"Part Four: Selling Your Art" takes place on Friday, July 20, from 5 to 7 p.m. Topics include ways art is sold: galleries, consultants, interior designers, art fairs and more. The program concludes with ways to empower artists to become the "gatekeeper" of his or her own art.

The rise of the Internet has created ways for artists to become champions of their own art, said Martin. Artist websites, managing or contributing to exhibition publicity, self-publishing works, and being an advocate for your art has given rise to the concept of self-marketing with less reliance on the gallery, said Martin. Technological advances and easy access to a range of publishing tools--both online and offline--are providing unprecedented opportunities for artists, she said.

"Artists need to find new ways to promote their work," said Martin. "I think the way of the future is a mix of artist "self-publishing" and galleries...We have tools now that allow for things that were impossible to do before. I want to help artists know how to use these tools so they can become self-sustaining artists."

BASIC FACTS: The Business of Art is being held from June 15 to July 20. All sessions will be held at the Springs Presbyterian Church, 5 Old Stone Hwy, East Hampton. (The church is across the street from Ashawagh Hall). The fee is $40 per session payable in cash or check at the door. No reservations or registrations are necessary. Each program is self-contained so they can be attended per program or for the entire series. For information, email [email protected]. A donation to the church will be made for their role in partnering with the program.

Jane Martin is an award-winning artist with a career than spans over 35 years. Her mediums include photography, painting, videography and filmmaking. Martin has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her solo shows include Islip Art Museum and Guild Hall museum.

Before devoting herself to fine art, Martin spent eight years in Paris working in the film and television industry. Her film credits include directing and producing the documentary film “Silent Sentries.” It was filmed in New York, edited in Paris, and broadcast on PBS. In addition to her art, Martin currently offers printing services for artists.

Jane Martinwww.janemartinart.com


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