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This post is an exception--it's about me. Three stories published last year at Hamptons Art Hub were submitted to the 2012 Media Awards Contest for Long Island journalists. Guess what? Pat Rogers made the cut in the arts writing division!

The Media Awards Contest is sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists’ (SPJ) Press Club of Long Island (PCLI). Story submissions focus on journalists based on Long Island or stories about Long Island. Categories include print, broadcast and online journalism.

The winners will be announced on June 7 by SPJ officials at a PCLI event. Stories were selected by out-of-state judges. Around 140 finalists were selected in over 50 categories, according to PCLI. Organizations submitting work include Newsday, Long Island Press, News 12, Hamptons.com, Long Island Pulse and others.

I thought it would be fun to reveal the three Hamptons Art Hub stories read by the judges. Each story focused on a specific artist. They are Jacob Ouillette, Darlene Charneco and Ricardo Pascale.

JACOB OUILLETTE - "Brushstrokes of Color - Jacob Ouillette" https://hamptonsarthub.com/2011/09/10/brushstrokes-of-color/

"It’s a quiet show. Paintings by Jacob Ouillette occupy calculated spaces on the walls of the Remsenburg Academy. There’s a simpatico between the paintings. Each is made of measured brushes of color. The brushstrokes create compositions that hint at improvised freedom, if you settle in and look..."

Ouillette will be exhibiting his art in a three-person show at Nancy Margolis Gallery in New York City from May 24 to 30, 2012.


"Horus" by Jacob Ouillette."Hector" by Jacob Ouillette


DARLENE CHARNECO - "Managing Memories & Pondering Connections - Darlene Charneco"


"Searching for misplaced keys or another crucial item before walking out the door is an experience most people can relate to. But what would happen if an important memory is misplaced? Would you know where to search while your brain plays hide and seek?

Darlene Charneco’s art may have a solution. Or, at least, a suggestion. Her latest works are chocked full of musing on memories and connections..."

Charneco's art is currently on view in the group show "Urban/Suburban" at the Islip Art Museum on Long Island. The exhibition runs through May 27, 2012. Charneco is also exhibiting art at Praxis International Art in Chelsea, NYC.

"Winds of Change (New Door to the Palace)" by Darlene Charneco"Long-Term Memory Storage B" by Darlene Charneco.


RICARDO PASCALE - "Drawing with Wood - Ricardo Pascale" https://hamptonsarthub.com/2011/07/20/drawing-with-wood/

"When Ricardo Pascale looks at wood, he sees potential.

He sees textures that are rough, varied and unexpected. He sees colors—some created as the bi-products of tanneries in his home country of Uruguay, he said. Other colors form naturally during the growth process or after exposure to the elements..."


"Looking for a face in the Crowd 2" by Ricardo Pascale. Courtesy Boltax Gallery.

"Random Waves" by Ricardo Pascale. Courtesy Boltax Gallery.


BASIC FACTS: Pat Rogers (the writer and founder of Hamptons Art Hub) is a finalist in the 2012 Media Awards Contest for arts writing. The competition is sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists’ Press Club of Long Island. Winners will be announced on June 7, 2012.

Last year, Pat Rogers won Second Place in the 2011 Media Awards Contest for arts writing in the newspaper category. The winning story focused on a 2010 sculptural ceramics exhibition held at Surface Library gallery in Springs, NY. The show was curated by Matt Nolan. "Ceramics continue to cross over into fine art" was published by The Press News Group in June 2010.


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  1. Pat,
    Congrats on the the 2012 Media Award. Well deserved.

  2. Congratulations to you, Pat, and never apologize for NEWS, even good news about yourself!! This is just fabulous for you, and we salute you!! Anyway, we, your readers, always knew that you really are an excellent arts writer/journalist. Keep up the wonderful work!! We do so enjoy it, and learn from it.

  3. A well deserved reward. Congradulations Pat, Susan D’Alessio

  4. Congratulations Pat! I’m so happy for you. You are providing the thoughtful overview we all need to keep up with what is going on.

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