Painting has become a necessary endeavor in my life.  The inquiry, colors, surprises and challenges are all food for my soul.  The more I try, the more ideas I have.  Beauty in nature inspires my creative impulse.  Capturing and honoring this fleeting, colorful light show around me and testing my knowledge is an intimate process that took time for me to share.

Author Brenda Ueland’s remarkable insight in, “If You Want to Write” reminds us the creative process is about the effort to convey and it may or may not be appreciated by the public.  The act of creation nurtures our being and should come from our internal insight not for applause.  She states “there is something necessary and life-giving about ‘creative work’.  A state of excitement.  And it is like a faucet: nothing comes unless you turn it on, and the more you turn it on, the more it comes.”

Once I did start to participate in shows, I found the public input helped me see my work with fresh eyes.  Criticism encouraged me to let go of expectations and paint more freely, images that give me joy.  The act of painting is my hook, when the image turns out close to my expectations, contentment.



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