Eric Fischl hosts a series of conversations at Guild Hall this summer featuring dialogues with art insiders who are making an impact in the creative fields.

Starting on Sunday, June 23, 2019, at 7 p.m., Eric Fischl takes the stage and launches "Eric Fischl; Art, Love, Life: A Conversation with Eric Fischl and Frederic Tuten" focusing on Tuten's new memoir My Young Life. Acclaimed artist Eric Fischl will be in a lively discussion with celebrated novelist, short story writer and essayist Frederic Tuten, who Jon Robin Baitz calls “a national treasure and a writer’s-writer of the first order.”

My Young Life by Tuten was published in March 2019 and recalls his personal and artistic coming of age in New York in the fifties, a defining period for Tuten that set him on a course to become a writer. Spanning two decades and bringing us from his family’s kitchen table in the Bronx and the cafes of Greenwich Village and back again, My Young Life is an intimate portrait of an artist’s coming-of-age, set against one of the most exciting creative periods of our time.

Fischl's own memoir "Bad Boy: My Life On and Off the Canvas" was published in 2013 in hardcover and in 2016 in paperback.

Tickets to the Conversation are $10 or $8 for Members. Click here to purchase. Click here for event details.


Eric Fischl. Courtesy Guild Hall.

Eric Fischl. Courtesy Guild Hall.


"Art as Ecosystem"

Academy of the Arts President Eric Fischl draws together passionate leaders to measure art’s health and vitality in this not to be missed series. The "Art as Ecosystems" Conversations are presented in partnership with THE CHURCH.

The first "Art As Ecosystem" will be held on Saturday, July 20, 2019 at 2 p.m. Eric Fischl will engage in  conversation Glenn Fuhrman, Dorothy Lichtenstein and Rick Lowe. Through dialogue, Flag Art Foundation’s Glenn Fuhrman, Roy Lichtenstein Foundation President Dorothy Lichtenstein, and MacArthur Genius Rick Lowe will explore what is possible and what is yet to dream.

Tickets are $15 or $13 for Members. Click here to purchase. Click here for event details.

The second "Art As Ecosystem" will be offered on Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 2 p.m. .

Join Eric Fischl in conversation with Christine and Andy Hall of the Hall Art Foundation, business strategist and inaugural director of the Rauschenberg Foundation Christy MacLear, and renowned President of SCAD Paula Wallace to explore art’s ecosystem.

Tickets are $15 ($13 Members). Click here to purchase. Click here for event details.

About Guild Hall

Guild Hall, one of the first multidisciplinary centers in the country to combine a museum, theater, and education space under one roof, was established in 1931 as a gathering place for community where an appreciation for the arts would serve to encourage greater civic participation. For nearly nine decades, Guild Hall has embraced this open-minded vision and provided a welcoming environment for the public to engage with art exhibitions, performances, and educational offerings. Art and artists have long been the engine of Guild Hall’s activities and the institution continues to find innovative ways to support creativity in everyone

Guild Hall is located at 158 Main Street, East Hampton, N.Y.

Phone: (631) 324-0806; Box Office: (631) 324-4050


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