August 11 – September 4, 2017 (open FRI-MON 11-5)

TANYA K WILLOCK: ‘Normal Condition’ (Photography)

MILES PARTINGTON: ‘Take Me Where Real Animals Are Playing’ (Sculptures)

ARTIST RECEPTION: Saturday, August 12, 5 – 7pm


Both young artists are native Long Islanders who grew up on the East End where they still live and work today.

TANYA K WILLOCK left for college and returned to her home town soon after graduating from SUNY Purchase with a Fine Arts Degree in Photography. She has since been working in local Art venues, while continuing her own art explorations in her studio in Springs/East Hampton.

In this exhibition, she is concentrating on recent photographs she has been working on. She calls this group of works ‘NORMAL CONDITION’ a collection of photographs that were taken over the summer of 2016 while visiting her family’s native Caribbean island Antigua and the burial place of her grandmother. The images were taken with no intention of using them for an exhibition. They express the artist’s feelings at that time, and a natural sense for beauty and light that gave her a place to be and see. She is also showing a small collection of ‘Modern Traditional Wall Hangings’, inspired by her family’s Caribbean roots and tradition (in collaboration with her sister Temidra, a textile designer)


"Arrival of Nobody" by Tanya K Willock. Photograph, 24 x 36 inches. Courtesy of Art Space 98.


"Normal Condition" by Tanya K Willock. Photograph. Courtesy of Art Space 98.


After graduation, MILES PARTINGTON was an art intern at the studio of the late sculptor William King, a well-known artist who lived for many years in this area. Miles has shown his sculptures in many different venues, such as Seattle/WA, Albany/NY, Sag Harbor, Greenport and Southampton. In this exhibition he is showing both new and old works which he titles ‘Take Me Where Real Animals Are Playing’. Playing with size and format, in his hands no material seems unsuitable. He often uses every-day and often overlooked elements which he transforms into pieces with a unique personal turn and twist. Every piece is totally his. They include animals, some humans (also a self-portrait) and often display full scenes, a first and second floor.


"Full House" by Miles Partington. Sculpture (mixed media), 15 x 9 x 24 inches. Courtesy of Art Space 98.


"Winters come and gone" by Miles Partington. Sculpture (mixed media) 6 x 4 x 17 inches. Courtesy of Art Space 98.


TANYA K  WILLOCK on her work:

“As a photographer, my focal points are never premeditated. I take a few images in a moment, then move on. I never look for a ‘beautiful’ picture. What I saw on my trip was intriguing, but only after stepping away from my busy life and taking a second look, I understood what had initially made me take the image. I am a very private person and I use my artwork to express things that I can’t put into words: the artwork mirrors my feelings.

Most often I use color films for my photographic work. I find digital cameras with their little screens very distracting. For me taking photographs made with film not only bring out richer and more dynamic colors, they also catch the different hues of light.”


"Nonsensical battle" by Tanya K Willock. Photograph, 16 x 20 inches. Courtesy of Art Space 98.



“At some point, I stopped taking notes in class, instead I relied on my memory.  It gave me more time to draw in class, while I was able to keep my grades up.  I use my ability to hold on to memories and random thoughts to create my art. A lot of my ideas come from glimpses into my subconscious that I use to flesh out a rough idea for a piece. I then fill it in like a puzzle of other thoughts and feelings that come organically. It is often simple ideas and first impressions that make it to the end. 

I use wood, Epoxy, clay, concrete, cardboard, household items, and found objects. Sometimes the right object can be like the missing puzzle piece that finishes the art, and I enjoy the experience and challenge of finding the perfect additions”.


"Bird on the wire" by Miles Partington. Sculpture (mixed media) 20 x 6 x 16 inches. Courtesy of Art Space 98.



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