New design books are plentiful this fall. We’ve compiled just a few new book releases on landscape, architecture, interior design, exhibition design and more in September’s reading list.

Included are: “30:30 Landscape Architecture,” “Interiors in Detail: 100 Contemporary Rooms,” “Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry,” “Interior Landmarks: Treasures of New York,” “New York in Fifty Design Icons” and “Exhibition Design: An Introduction.”

“30:30 Landscape Architecture”

“30:30 Landscape Architecture”

In “30:30 Landscape Architecture,” 30 renowned landscape architects explore the work of 30 of the world's top emerging architects. Including over 500 illustrations, the book portrays an overview of contemporary landscape architecture and offers an insightful look at global landscape architecture and the issues facing architects today.

Catherine Mosbach, George Hargreaves, Martha Schwartz and Adrian Geuze along with the next generation reveal a diverse range of projects from a global list of landscape architects working in 20 countries. Locations include Chile, Mexico, USA, Canada, UK, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Spain, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

BASIC FACTS: “30:30 Landscape Architecture” is written by Meaghan Kombol. Published by Phaidon Press. Release Date: September 21, 2015. Hardcover; 320 pages; $75.00.

“Interiors in Detail: 100 Contemporary Rooms”

“Interiors in Detail: 100 Contemporary Rooms”

Encompassing everything from townhouses and farmsteads to mountain cabins and beach houses, this illustrated and comprehensive reference aims to inspire first-time decorators and experienced interior designers. The book explores 100 private homes through 600 images in far-flung places from Manhattan to Marrakech and Madrid to Melbourne with "stops" along the way in Los Angeles, Miami, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Paris, Milan, and Rio de Janeiro. Styles range from Art Deco to Modern.

The book is divided into 10 chapters devoted to color, composition, setting and other specific elements of interior style and illustrated with interiors designed by architects and designers. Including practical design ingredients, advice, and ideas throughout, "Interiors in Detail” is a sourcebook for anyone seeking inspiration for his or her own space. 

BASIC FACTS: “Interiors in Detail: 100 Contemporary Rooms” is written by Dominic Bradbury. Published by The Monacelli Press. Release Date: September 29, 2015. Hardcover; 432 pages; $45.00.

“Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry”

“Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry”

From Pulitzer Prize–winning architectural critic Paul Goldberger comes an exploration of the life and work of the architect Frank Gehry. A full-fledged critical biography, the book presents and evaluates the work of a man who has helped transform contemporary architecture with his innovative use of materials, design, and form.

“Building Art” is the compelling story of an architect who sets out to design buildings as art. The book shows the full range of Gehry’s work, from early houses constructed of plywood and chain-link fencing, to late projects such as the art museum of glass in Paris.

It tells the story behind Gehry’s own house, which upset his neighbors and excited the world with its mix of the traditional and the extraordinary, and recounts how Gehry came to design the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Although Gehry’s architecture has been written about widely, the story of his life has never been told in full detail before. “Building Art” presents and evaluates Gehry’s lifetime of work in conjunction with his entire life story.

BASIC FACTS: “Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry” is written by Paul Goldberger. Published by Knopf. Release Date: September 15, 2015. Hardcover; 528 pages; $35.00.

“Interior Landmarks: Treasures of New York”

“Interior Landmarks: Treasures of New York”This book is the first to present great landmarked interiors of New York, in all their intricate detail, for a visual celebration of space that captures the rich heritage of the city. Since the New York City Landmarks Law was established in 1965, a remarkable number of significant buildings that represent New York City’s cultural, social, economic, political, and architectural history have been preserved. Not only do the exterior facades of these buildings fall within the law’s purview, but since 1973, many of their stunning interiors do as well.

This book tells the stories of 47 interior landmarks from the oldest to the youngest. Located throughout the five boroughs, the interior landmarks include banks, theaters, office building lobbies, restaurants, libraries, and many more spaces in which New Yorkers have worked, learned, governed, been entertained, and interacted with their communities for decades. Combining strong visuals and thorough research, this reference work will fascinate readers with an interest in the city’s history.

BASIC FACTS: “Interior Landmarks: Treasures of New York” is written by Judith Gura and Kate Wood. Published by The Monacelli Press. Release Date: September 29, 2015. Hardcover; 240 pages; $60.00.

“New York in Fifty Design Icons”

"New York in Fifty Design Icons"

In this new series, the Design Museum looks at 50 design icons of major cities around the world - icons that, when viewed together, inherently sum up the spirit of their city and form a unique portrait. Covering everything from buildings and monuments to a graffiti mural or an item of clothing, an intricate portrait of a city is built, layer by layer.

In the book "New York In Fifty Design Icons," Julie Iovine, architectural writer at the Wall Street Journal and formerly of the New York Times, unravels the visual history of one of the most complex and intriguing cities in the world.

BASIC FACTS: “New York in Fifty Design Icons (Design Museum Fifty)” is written by Julie Iovine and Design Museum. Published by Conran. Release Date: September 22, 2015. Hardcover; 112 pages; $20.00.

“Exhibition Design: An Introduction”

“Exhibition Design: An Introduction”

 “Exhibition Design” (second edition) presents information on the skills needed to become an exhibition designer and examples of exhibitions by world-renowned designers.

The book contains a wealth of visual material including photographs of completed exhibitions, concept drawings, and computer renderings. Charts and tables of information, all for a wide range of exhibitions around the world, permanent and temporary, including museums and galleries, visitor centers, brand experiences, festivals and trade fairs.

This second edition publication includes new examples plus updated information on the latest digital technology, and expanded coverage of interactive, sound and film.

BASIC FACTS: “Exhibition Design: An Introduction” 2nd Edition is written by Phillip Hughes. Published by Laurence King Publishing. Release Date: September 8, 2015. Paperback; 232 pages; $40.00.


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