Landscape Painter: Sara MacCulloch

Frequent Focus: Nova Scotia

Artwork: Beach and Clouds, 2014.


In her words:

"This beach is one of my favorite places anywhere: Kejimakujik Seaside Adjunct park in Port Mouton, Nova Scotia. It is a two hour drive from Halifax, and then a 30 minute hike through flat marshlands. Once you are on the trail walking for a while, you imagine you will never see anything but low-lying brush, when slowly the land starts to drop, and to your left is a panorama of white sand beach after white sand beach for what looks like miles, ending in a line of coniferous forest.

"I have visited this place at least once a year since I found it 17 years ago. It is my preference to be there on a cloudy or foggy day, because it is in that kind of light that the subtleties of grays, taupes, whites and ochres in the sand and rocks really come out. And the water is pale and still—so quiet. You feel as if you are a million miles from anyone.

"This was the first beach I ever painted, and I go back year after year and always find more that inspires me to want to paint it again."


"Beach and Clouds" by Sara MacCulloch.

"Beach and Clouds" by Sara MacCulloch, 2014. Oil on canvas, 48 x 48 inches.


Sara MacCulloch's work is held in collections of the Nova Scotia and Canada Council Art Banks (Canada), the Gotsland Kunstmuseum (Gotsland, Sweden) plus public and private collections. She is based in Canada.

Beach and Clouds is exhibited through November 15, 2014 in Sara MacCulloch's solo show "Landscapes" at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts in Chelsea, New York. The gallery is located at 529 West 20th, Suite 6W New York, NY 10011.


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