"Streets of Colour", an international street art project by artists Okuda and Remed, touched down in Miami's Wynwood Arts District to create a new mural as part of an international street art project. The project then moves to Toronto and wraps up its 2014 tour in Oslo, Norway.

Each of the colorful murals marry the individual styles of each artist with elements of the areas where the new murals are located, according to the artists. Okuda and Remed seperately have extensive histories in creating monumental murals and gallery exhibitions held around the world. Remed grew up in France but is now based in Madrid. Okuda was born in Spain and currently lives in Madrid.

Okuda's art features geometric structures and multi-colored patterns combined with organic forms cloaked in gray, according to a bio on the Campo Viejo's website. His work is described as being "narrations of contradiction, existentialism and the meaning of life."

Remed's art relies on the principles of maths and calligraphy to create paintings that strike a balance between harmony and energy, according to a bio on the Campo Viejo's website. "Remed seeks to find truth through simplicity, uniting universal languages of form and colour," according to the bio. "For him, art is both a means of experimentation and communication."

The "Streets of Colour" project is sponsored by Campo Viejo wine, which encourages the murals to also channel the vibrancy of Spain and the expressiveness of the winemaker's vintages, according to the project website.

The Miami mural is the first (and only) American stop in the two-year project. The Miami mural can be found at Northwest 23rd Street at the corner 5th Avenue. It stretches 30 x 190 feet and was painted by Okuda and Remed from June 3 to 6, 2014.

To see the painting process, click on the slide show:

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Mural by REMED and OKUDA.


REMED and OKUDA in front of the mural.


Detail of mural by REMED and OKUDA.


The mural joins area street art made by around 20 notable artists working nationally and internationally that are part of The Wynwood Walls. Contributors include AIKO, Faile / BAST, Kenny Scharf, Shepard Fairey, Ryan McGinness and others.  The Wynwood Walls project was founded in 2009 by real estate developer Tony Goldman with art co-curated by Jeffrey Deitch.

The Toronto murals in the "Streets of Colour" project were painted June 11 to 12, 2014. These murals are  located at 461 King Street West in the Canadian city. The murals drew inspiration from the colorful Spanish way of life and added Canadian references and elements, according to the artists. The Oslo murals will be made next week.

This year's whirlwind painting tour builds on last year's public art project. It launched in April 2013 with a 20-foot sculpture installed in the vineyards of Campo Viejo in Logronio, Spain, which sponsors the street art project. Since then, REMED and OKUDA have created colorful artworks in public spaces in several European cities including Madrid, Brussels and London.

BASIC INFO: The new Miami mural by REMED and OKUDA can be found at Northwest 23rd Street corner 5th Avenue in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, FL. To see the Miami murals being made, click on the slide show:

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For details (or to follow the project), visit www.liveuncorked.com.

REMED: www.remed.es

OKUD: www.okudart.es

The Wynwood Walls: www.thewynwoodwalls.com.

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