DISPATCH - DEC 31, 2013


This year brought significant changes to Hamptons Art Hub. In 2013, we formed a partnership with Google and their Field Trip app, changed our look, launched a major website redesign, and moved from a single-writer blog to a writing team that creates an art newspaper-blogazine through a steady stream of reviews, art news, artist profiles and exhibition listings.

Photographers joined us and we added coverage of the Hamptons social scene and broadened our look at the art worlds that unfold in the Hamptons and beneath the tents of the art fairs.

We ramped up our art fair coverage in the Hamptons and Miami, making sure our readers are in the know, even if they don't enter the art fair fray. Gallery Guides for the Hamptons, The East End, and Long Island were launched ensuring those interested in art can always find it. A new Museum Directory provides "what's on view" at art museums across Long Island so art viewing options are clear.

Our readers responded to the changes and rewarded us by doubling our monthly viewership, readership, and surpassing every goal set for the planned expansion in 2013. It's been quite the ride.

Most recently, Hamptons Art Hub added an Art Fair Directory that lists noteworthy fairs across the national and the international art scenes. Our new Art Fair Directory is an ongoing effort so look for changes and information expansion throughout 2014.

In short, 2013 was a great year for Hamptons Art Hub. Thank you for being an important part of it.

-Pat Rogers


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