DISPATCH - MAY 7, 2013


Hamptons Art Hub is pleased to welcome Gabrielle Selz as a new contributor of art criticism and arts writing. Her first art reviews will focus on works by Jack Youngerman exhibited in simultaneous solo shows in East Hampton, NY and in New York City.

Gabrielle Selz is an award-winning writer, live story-teller, art critic and teacher. Her essays have appeared in More Magazine, The New York Times, Newsday, Brainworld, The East Hampton Star, and the journals Killing The Buddha, Proto and ducts.org. Her fiction has appeared in Fiction Magazine and her art criticism in Art Papers and Newsday. Selz writes regularly on art for the Huffington Post.

Selz’s first book, UnStill Life: A Memoir of Art and Love in the Age of Abstraction is forthcoming from W.W. Norton & Company in 2014. UnStill Life is the story of the outrageous and uncontained art world of the 60s and 70s that Selz witnessed as a child, and her subsequent search for her father’s love and her place in the world of art.

Selz has received a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in nonfiction and was the New York Moth Story Slam Winner. She participates regularly in readings and events at The Moth, The Liar Show, KGB, Cornelia Street Café and elsewhere.

Selz grew up in an art world milieu. Her father, Peter Selz, is a prominent art historian and the former Curator of Painting and Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (1958-66). He is also the author of 51 books and monographs on art and Professor Emeritus of Modern Art at Berkeley. Her mother, Thalia Selz, was a teacher, short-story writer, a founding editor of Story Quarterly, and worked for the artists’ housing project, Westbeth selecting the original tenants. Gabrielle lived in Westbeth as child alongside artists like Diane Arbus and Merce Cunningham.

Selz earned her MFA from City College in New York and her BA in Art History from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has worked in commercial television, political campaigns and public relations.

In 1996, Selz moved back to the Hamptons where her family used to summer with the art crowd on the beaches in the mid 60s. She has a 16-year-old son, Theo Mync.

“The Hamptons Art Hub is a wonderful source for all things art on the East End as well as further afield," said Selz. "I’m excited to be joining a group of writers and critics that are combining their passion for art with a community building spirit. I look forward to helping expand the coverage of art and to providing clear and concise reviews. My parents were part of the transition from art scene to art world. Now we are part of a global art community. I love art and I deeply love writing about art. It’s in my bones.”

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