Curious about what lies beyond the elliptical house in Water Mill? This Saturday, art lovers will be welcomed to attend a guided tour of Nova's Art Project.

The Twilight Tour will be held on Saturday, September 29, 2012 from 6 to 8 p.m. The fee is $15. Light refreshments will be served. No reservations are necessary. Nova's Ark Project is located at 60 Millstone, Water Mill, NY.

Nova's Ark Project features towering steel sculptures installed to compliment the grounds plus indoor art galleries. All of the artwork was made by Mihai Popa, known simply as “Nova" (1928-2009).


Sculpture by Nova installed at Nova's Ark Project. Photograph by Jo Zazza.


The Twilight Tour provides a leisurely look at the artworks. Nova's Art Project is set on 95 acres. Horses and expansive fields contribute to the beauty of the sprawling sculpture park. A horse-drawn wagon and a tractor-drawn wagon will be available during the tour.

Twilight Tours are new for Nova’s Ark Project. Saturday's tour is the second one offered by the private sculpture park. The first tour event was held on August 30, 2012. Nova's Ark Project hosts select events and fundraisers throughout the year. In July, they hosted Art Hamptons art fair. Otherwise, they are closed to the public.

ABOUT NOVA'S ARK PROJECT: Many people remark on Nova’s “elliptical house,” the surrounding sculptures and the small herd of sheep grazing in the shadow of the sculptures. Few realize that these sights are only a glimpse of the 95 acres of preserved countryside featuring huge steel sculptures set in open fields, as well as murals and interior sculptures.

All works currently on view are the creation of its founder: the Transylvanian-born artist Mihai Popa, known simply as “Nova.”  More than a half-dozen new sculptures have been installed in the past several months.

Nova saw the entire property as one huge canvas on which to present his “Integral Art,” a fusion of painting, sculpture, architecture and philosophy with nature.  His scope was to develop an art of universal meaning, representing the most noble dreams of our contemporary civilization.

Through his teachings, well over one hundred fifty aspiring artists have understood the spirit of Integral Art and are now carrying that spirit out into the world.  This creative educational process takes place in the heart of the Hamptons, where Nova’s Ark Project has evolved into a unique sculpture park, museum and gallery complex.

The Twilight Tour of Nova's Ark Project will be held on Saturday, September 29, from 6 to 8 p.m. The fee is $15.

Nova's Ark Project is located at 60 Millstone, Water Mill, NY.  For information, visit or call 631-537-0061.


Sculpture by Nova installed at Nova's Ark Project. Photograph by Thierry Van Biesen.


The Twilight Tour Announcement is sponsored by Nova's Ark Project.


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