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A pop up gallery showing edgy contemporary art plus two solo shows channeling different types of cultural history open this weekend. A show of abstract contemporary paintings connected to Hudson River School opens at Peter Marcelle Gallery. A show of art iconic inspired by living through the seventies and the influence of muscle cars and rock 'n roll opens at Ille Arts.

"Wild Wild East" roars into the Hamptons for a weekend-only show in Wainscott. It all happens at a pop gallery called The Mad Gallery. An opening will be held on Sat from 5 to 8 p.m. The happening is presented by Keyes Art Projects, Julie Keyes and Scott Murphy.

The show features work by Fab 5 Freddy, Evan Yee, Tammy Smith and Wyatt Neumann. The gallery will be located at 39 Industrial Road in Wainscott through Sunday.

The exhibition was curated to bring together a trio of aggressive artistic voices to discover how beautiful noise could harmonize into music. Each artist presents a distinct take on their subject matter. The work can disturb, unsettle or conjure curiosity. But rest easy--there's some whimsy in the show to lighten the dark that may creep in.

"Wild Wild East" was curated to present an exhibition that's more at home in Chelsea than in the Hamptons, according to Julie Keyes. Here's a look at some of the work:


Artwork by Evan Yee.


Artwork by Tammy Smith.


Photograph by Wyatt Neumann. Image courtesy of Keyes Art Project.


"11" by Liz Markus presents new work that was inspired by the experience of being bored in the seventies and channeling energy into the loud and fast-moving world of rock 'n roll. The art was inspired by a return to Markus's childhood home where memories of being a teen in the late 1970s flooded back.

The seventies could be considered a time of excess: extreme boredom, loud rock music with over-the-top lifestyles by musicians (at least, for the time) and a search for what could follow as the sixties and its cultural revolutions quietly ebbed away.

Mingling Markus's tamer memories with the imagined teenager doodling away classes in high school resulted in a new body of work. The more serious experience of returning home to watch her father die also makes appearance in the art.

The exhibition title "11" is a reference to the movie "This is Spinal Tap" - a mockumetary showing the life of an imaginary English rock band as they rise, crash, and fight in the muck until they find a way to piece it back together in true Heavy Metal fashion.


"Breakfast in America" by Liz Markus, 2012. Acrylic and graphite on unprimed canvas, 48 x 60 inches.

"Ramon" by Liz Markus, 2012. Acrylic and graphite on unprimed canvas, 60 x 40 inches.


"Ford GT 1" by Liz Markus, 2012. Acrylic and graphite on unprimed canvas, 24 x 36 inches.


"Spider Crab Gabor 1" by Liz Markus, 2012. Acrylic and graphite on unprimed canvas, 60 x 48 inches.


Heading in the other extreme are abstract and collaged paintings by Edward Holland. “Exteriors and Interiors” opens on Sat from 6 to 8 p.m. at Peter Marcelle Gallery in Bridgehampton. The show remains on view through Jun 24, 2012.

"Exteriors" is a series of paintings that closely link with specific paintings made by artists of the Hudson River School. Holland did methodical research into the painting, artist, the American group of painters that made "American" paintings (versus European as was typical) and the historic times surrounding the schematic shift in landscape art to make the abstract paintings. In every case, the color pallets of the contemporary work match the landscape painting it is based upon, said Holland.

"Interiors" leaves the art history references behind in favor of a swim in memories from childhood and early adulthood, said Holland. The paintings in "Interiors" was Holland's way of brushing aside the intense experience of being enmeshed in historical research to create a freer body of work that directly relates to his own experiences.

In both series, collaged paper is an important component of the abstract work. So are the sweeping colors that invite narrative contemplations for the viewers. By including identifiable elements, Holland aims to welcome viewers into the painting to begin conjuring memories and emotions of their own.


"The Calendar Days Are Numbered (After Lane)" by Edward Holland.


"It Is Not For Lackawanna To (After Inness)" by Edward Holland.


"Interior VII" by Edward Holland.




“Exteriors and Interiors” – New work by Edward Holland is on view through June 24, 2012 at Peter Marcelle Gallery, 2411 Main street, Bridgehampton, NY. www.petermarcellecontemporary.com

“11″ – A solo show by Liz Markus is exhibited through July 11, 2012  at Ille Arts, 216a Main St, Amagansett, NY. http://illearts.com

"Wild, Wild East" is on view through June 17, 2012 at The Mad Gallery, 39 Industrial Road, Wainscott, NY. http://juliekeyesart.com/


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