“The Artwork of Peter Lipman-Wulf, Franklin Engel, Bob Rothstein, Isabel Pavão”

Romany Kramoris Gallery is pleased to present a group art show featuring the works of Peter Lipman-Wulf, Franklin Engel, Bob Rothstein, and Isabel Pavão. The exhibit will be on display from September 7 through September 28, with a reception for the artists on Saturday, September 9, from 5 to 6:30 PM.

Peter Lipman-Wulf (1905-1993) was primarily known as a sculptor and graphic artist, therefore his paintings were rarely the focus of exhibits. However, as a German of Jewish descent, but also labeled a “decadent” by the Nazi régime, Mr. Lipman-Wulf was forced to flee—first to France in 1933, then to Switzerland in 1942, until his final immigration to the United States in 1947. Particularly in Switzerland, where as a refugee he was formally prohibited from working as a sculptor, he diverted his creative impulse to works on paper. Along with exquisite sketches and drawings, Mr. Lipman-Wulf completed numerous impressive landscapes and portraits in the South of France and Switzerland. His compositions of nature—although overshadowed by the artist’s fear that all could be instantly destroyed—nonetheless have a hopeful, luminescent quality, as the settings and subjects appear untouched by the devastation of war. We’re pleased to exclusively present his watercolors here.

Franklin Engel was born and raised in New York City, and began his professional training at the Art Students League. He is proud to be a life member of the League. We’re pleased to present his oil paintings of familiar East End scenes. “From the very first moment I crossed the bridge over the Shinnecock Canal and entered the Eastern End of Long Island and on to Montauk, I knew I had made a very special connection. I experienced a new creative energy that I had to capture. I had to capture the people and the beauty of these special places, including Sag Harbor, Springs, Amagansett, East Hampton, and Montauk. But it all began when I crossed that bridge at Shinnecock Canal.”

Bob Rothstein’s collages of Montauk’s commercial fishing boats are strong, rugged and vibrant. The powerful images have been achieved by ripping, cutting and glueing found papers, on site, in all kinds of weather. Their beauty lies in the unique combination of color, shape and texture. “When it is windy, getting dark, or the boat is pulling away, I have to work quickly to capture the essence of the scene itself.”

Isabel Pavão’s “Impressions Series” represents a phase of her work that she has been working on since 2014 and integrates as usual, intimations of past work, enduring patterns of inner experience and conceptual processes as a continuous work in progress being a reflection on the “act of painting”. The main source of inspiration comes from Nature, referring to her autobiographical surroundings, the garden, the sea shore and swimming in the sea.

Romany Kramoris Gallery is open 7 days a week from 10 AM until 10 PM, later on weekend nights.

"Sky" by Bob Rothstein"

"Boats on Green" by Franklin Engel.

Artwork by Isabel Pavão.

"Notre Dame" by Peter Lipman Wulf"

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