The theme of the exhibition, Tactility refers to that which is tactile: real or suggested.

The temptation often is to touch, but not usually permitted. The exception here is Darlene Charneco, who suggests one may indeed touch the work.

Each of four artists takes the theme is a direction clearly informed by material. All work in an abstract manner.

Darlene Charneco uses nails, enamel, and polyurethane on wood to create wall panels, primarily inspired by personal philosophy and experience. Works are from a number of series, namely the Prayer series, and Book of Hope.

Carol Hunt , also well know as a painter, has been creating a series of loom woven works. The weavings are created on a continuum, without a preset design; abstract motifs, inspired by nature, with an Asian flavor.

Dennis Leri combines wood, paint, and strips of metal, with metal strips overlapping, or interspersed with other material for strong sculptural effect.
One large work is entirely of formed meta.

Will Ryan is a painter who builds up with layers of encaustic, leaf on board, and sometimes mixed objects with other media to create vivid references to natural phenomena.

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