“Secrets of the Twisted and Entwined”

RJD Gallery invites viewers to enter into our labyrinth of contemporary painters from around the world who will offer mesmerizing and intriguing works.

Italian artist Salvatore Alessi and his new series “Dynamic Transformations” that offer portraits from a new perspective and with a twist. Other featured artists include British artist Mary Jane Ansell, Australian figurative artist Matt R. Martin and Escher-inspired French painter Alain Vaes.

Secrets of the Twisted & Entwined features works that are intricate and often maze-like, created for the amusement of those viewers who search for a way out only to find themselves enveloped in the beauty of these masterful arrangements.


Armando Valero "Serenade," 54 x 72 inches, Oil on Canvas.

Harmonia Rosales, "The Abduction," 80 x 106 inches, Oil on linen.

Salvatore Alessi, "Eccebroker," 78.5 x 70.5 inches, Oil on canvas.

Andrea Kowch, "The Feast," 60 x 84 inches, Acrylic on canvas.

Alain Vaes "Tunami," 72 x 60 inches, Acrylic on Canvas.

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