“Sea And Sky: Works by Whitney Hansen, Scott Bluedorn, & Paton Miller”

Texture, layering, colors, various mediums and subjects. The beauty is there for the seeking as deep as the Sea and as limitless as the Sky. These three artists embrace the creativity and this expression is found in their work.

Whitney B. Hansen

Born in California, Whitney Hansen has been painting professionally most of her life. She has been in many group and solo shows in New York, Boston, East Hampton, Chappaqua, Santa Barbara and Paris, France. Her subjects are varied, from still life and portrait to seascapes and landscapes. Her medium is oil and she makes use of the woodcut process. After the print is pulled, hand painting completes the process. The layering of paint is what creates the final effect.

Paton Miller

After leaving his home in Hawaii to journey through Asia in 1974, Paton Miller arrived on the East End of Long Island with a collection of travel inspired artworks that won him an art scholarship from Southampton College. Graduating with honors, Paton launched his career in over twenty solo and numerous group exhibitions in New York City and throughout the United States. Today, his works are exhibited internationally, in cities such as Florence and Shanghai. Paton’s paintings are now among the most widely collected works between the East End of Long Island and New York City.

Scott Bluedorn

Born 1986 in Southampton, NY, Scott Bluedorn lives and works in East Hampton, NY. An artist, illustrator and designer Scott works in various media, including painting, drawing, print process, and found object assemblage. Drawing inspiration from cultural anthropology, primitivism, and nautical tradition, Bluedorn distills imagery that speaks to the collective unconscious, especially through myth and visual story-telling - a world he conjures as “maritime cosmology”.

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