“Ready, Set, Go!”

Romany Kramoris Gallery is pleased to present Ready, Set, Go!, a group exhibition to kickoff the summer season featuring the works of 6 local artists. The exhibit is on view from May 25 through June 15, with a reception for the artists on Saturday, May 27, from 5 to 6:30 PM.

Artists showing include Christopher Engel, Kelly Nelson, Alan Nevins, Lynn Matsuoka, Isabel Pavão, and Ghilia Lipman-Wulf.

Sag Harbor artist Christopher Engel’s faces, figures and abstracts invite the viewer to enter their subconscious and allow his images to reveal themselves to their conscious mind. Continuing to embrace his Jungian philosophy, Engel incorporates archetypal images of the collective unconscious via the use of mythical, mystical and dreamlike images in his figures and faces. His abstract paintings trace ancient patterns, allowing the viewer to journey through a door to our primordial beginnings, where alchemy plays a role in the metamorphosis of random shapes into powerful symbols. Engel opens a door to the past, reminding us of our present condition and perhaps our future transformation.

Kelly Nelson has wanted to spend more time painting throughout most of her life. Now that she’s made Shelter Island her home, she is enjoying branching out and finding more time to do what she loves; paint!

A master photographer, Alan Nevins has increasingly over the years imposed or coaxed his personal vision out of Nature. “He treats photography like going to the beach. It’s not enough just to be there, and take a photo, but back in his studio he has to make waves and splash around,” says Romany Kramoris. Those unfamiliar with Nevins’ work will see a master’s personal vision bring something genuinely new to an ancient theme.

Blessed with a gift of documentary story-telling fused with a rare visual craft, Lynn Matsuoka’s art conjures up the poetic imagery of birds in flight and horses gliding over the earth. Her brush glides over the canvas or paper, creating a startling whirr of images and motion. Her sure hand designs poetic movements that stir emotion in the viewer, and her compelling work has thus earned over 40 international solo shows.

Isabel Pavão’s “Impressions Series” represents a phase of her work that she has been working on since 2014 and integrates as usual, intimations of past work, enduring patterns of inner experience and conceptual processes as a continuous work in progress being a reflection on the “act of painting”. The main source of inspiration comes from Nature, referring to her autobiographical surroundings, the garden, the sea shore and swimming in the sea.

Ghilia Lipman-Wulf is an artist and writer living in Sag Harbor. Considered a neo-Expressionist, Ghilia’s work is mostly semi-abstract, but she is widely known for botanicals as well. From the canvas to furniture, ceramics, clothing, and murals, Ghilia’s unique and colorful floral designs have been widely commissioned and exhibited since the early 1980s.

More information and images are available on our website at KramorisGallery.com.

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