“Day to Night” Photographs by Stephen Wilkes

Stephen Wilkes’s wildly popular Day to Night Series are exciting images of the most beloved cities and sites of the world. As part of his on going series he wanted to capture the iconic Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles which he felt captures the essence of Southern California. Wilkes photographs from a stationary 50 foot crane. All explained on a “CBS Sunday Morning” segment Shooting 12 hours from day to night and gathering 1,200 to 1,500 image into form one image from dawn to dusk. He was recently featured in newest National Geographic Issue celebrating the 100th anniversary of the State Parks in America.  He is on a quest to complete his vision photographing for an upcoming a fine art publication. National Geographic Museum featured an exhibit earlier this year.

Please see Stephen on Ted Talks tape dated June 3,2016

Using hundreds of photographs taken from a single vantage point, renowned photographer Stephen Wilkes meticulously crafts dramatic image compositions to complete one image.

Stephen Wilkes carried the idea of day-to-night images for a long time. ... Wilkes's book, Day to Night, could be published late fall by Taschen.

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