“Art Market Summer Group Show”

Roman Fine Art is pleased to announce our new exhibit, Art Market Summer Group. Art Market Summer Group is an annual survey of New Contemporary Art featuring the most provocative new painters, sculptors and photographers working in their respective mediums. Art Market Summer Group opens Monday, July 2nd and the exhibit continues through Monday, July 30th. There will be a cocktail reception for the artists at Roman Fine Art Friday, July 13th, 6-8pm.

Art Market Summer Group embodies Roman Fine Art’s mission to provide an environment in the Hamptons dedicated to recognizing and supporting New Contemporary Art by showcasing the cutting-edge talent newly entering the gallery scene. As always, our Summer Group strives to further advance the dialogue of New Contemporary art movements from around the country with a national roster of relevant new artists. Each year, the eclectic nature and quality of work featured in this special exhibition have made it the “must-see” summer event for savvy Hamptons contemporary art collectors.

As with last year's edition, Art Market Summer Group expands beyond the gallery walls and into Market Art & Design fair, celebrating its 8th year. This continued partnership with the premier Hamptons art fair allows Roman Fine Art to expand the scope and depth of its program. Market Art & Design opens Thursday, July 5th at 6pm at the Bridgehampton Historical Society in Bridgehampton, NY and continues through Sunday, July 8th.


Ray Caesar is an English artist living and working in Toronto, Canada. Describing his work as “digital surreal”, Caesar merges elements of the decorative and architectural, Art Deco and Victorian visual codes. His portraits of childlike creatures portray elements of the grotesque, however are offset by their fairytale surroundings. His painterly haunting imagery is digitally created using 3D modelling software.

Tim Conlon an American artist lives and works between Los Angeles and Washington. Conlon is best known for large- scale murals, graffiti, particularly freight train graffiti. Conlon takes inspiration from the logos, typography, and color schemes of old freight trains.

Michael Dweck is a photographer from Long Island, New York. Known for his photographs of the body situated in the local environments of the Hamptons area, his is an American version of the Arcadian vision. Blending nostalgia, fantasy, and documentation the photographs present a compelling portrait of a place in time and a way of life at once fading and being reinvented with each new season.

The Kaplan Twins Identical twin artists who work as a collaborative team. Celebrated for their nude depictions of personalities like Kim Kardashian West, Emily Ratajkowski and Amber Rose, The Kaplan Twins’ latest paintings continue to utilize the quirky, ridiculous and engrossing culture of internet fame while exploring new modes of communication, and the resulting evolution of language and symbolism.

Reisha Perlmutter is a Brooklyn-based painter interested in how water and light blur the separation between body and nature in her imagery. Drawn to the organic nature of oil paint, Perlmutter explores the way it bleeds, glows, moves, and transforms over time.

Dalton Portella is an interdisciplinary artist, musician and surfer. Portella cage dives with sharks in Montauk to capture his source photographs for his stunning watercolor paintings of the deadly creatures.

Dean West is an Australian Photographer who lives in New York. His complex imagery blends several ideas seamlessly into one image, often leaving the viewer with an unsettling feeling. He is best known for his intricate and highly staged photographs that take everyday occurrences beyond the realm of natural reality.

Stephen Wilson is a conceptual artist whose background in fashion and home design honed his embroidery-digitizing mastery and creative expertise. In his fine arts practice, Stephen is deeply interested in the intersection of traditional craft and contemporary culture. His work reflects high fashion influences, traditional craft and quilting techniques, and a pop-culture aesthetic.


"Sunset on Gerard Drive" by Grant Haffner, 2018. Acrylic and graphite on wood panel, 2018. 24 x 24 inches.

"Hibiscus" by Reisha Perlmutter, 2018. Oil on canvas, 48 x 48 inches.

"Palm Springs IV C-print" by Dean West, 2018. 52.2 x 60 inches, Edition of 7. 

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