“Uma Thurman? Basquiat?   A bicycle built out of points?   A painting made from notes? A Vivienne Westwood on canvas?   For this exhibit we wanted to start small to end big. Torn photographs from celebrity photographer Andrew Schwartz, who studied under Aaron Siskind, are skillfully reassembled to create a distinctly personal, non-photographic narrative.   Inspired by designers Valentino, Jacobs and Westwood Susan Washington’s mixed media paintings create, through colors and collage, a fashion show of their own.   Images from dots that interrelate and culminate into something that’s larger than the sum of its parts is perfectly executed by Stephen Bezas, a neo-pointillist who studied under Chuck Close.   Abstract splatter paintings by Steve Cohen, Billy Joel’s renowned lighting designer, let color and movement make the viewer feel like they are at a concert.  The composition becomes the soundtrack. Four artists. Four points of view. With All The Pieces falling delightfully into place.”

Andrea McCafferty & Kat O’Neill/Co-Owners & Directors

Press Release
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