Wandering Rainbows

Interdisciplinary artist Daniel Bruttig explores the liminal space between sculpture and painting. For Wandering Rainbows, Bruttig presents the current state of his ever-morphing body of work, where the fabricated, minimalist object fuses with both synthetic and natural readymade materials. By stretching, binding, and manipulating lanyards, yarn, pom-poms, vintage fabrics, and thermoplastic adhesive (hot glue), Bruttig re-contextualizes the colloquial craft materials that figured prominently in his youth and creates a fascinating and mesmerizing optical experience.

Viewers will see wall sculptures slathered with whipped-cream-like paint, some appearing to be gutted cuckoo clocks and others to be leafy branches torn from trees – references to an archaeology of the artist’s Wisconsin upbringing (hunting, birds, rifles, forests, and tchotchkes hung on wood-paneled basement walls). Bruttig’s “paintings,” on the other hand, make no use of paint at all, but are composed of brightly colored lanyards or hot glue mixed with crayons, coyly riffing on minimal aesthetics of contemporary art. Shown together in this exhibition, Bruttig’s paintings and sculptures deliver unexpected and sumptuous surprises via new forms abstracted through intensive material investigation.

Press Release
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