“Unravelled Beauty”

Recent works by Sydney Albertini, AM DeBrincat and Anthony Heinz May.

Iron Gate East, Southampton’s newest innovative art exhibitor, opens its spring exhibition Unravelled Beauty Thursday, May 10th at The Spur’s new temporary location at the historic red, brick barn at 280 Elm Street in Southampton.

Featuring new works by East Hampton artist Sydney Albertini and Brooklyn artists AM DeBrincat and Anthony Heinz May, Unravelled Beauty features work by three exciting artists who engage in unique methods of what is best described as “reverse processes”. Working across various media, including sculpture, drawing, digital collage, painting, and weavings, the artists in the exhibition transform their materials into works that investigate their subjects through dissection and reassembly. Whether it is Albertini’s staggered dancing figures; DeBrincat’s painted portrait series—faces based on a cross section of features referencing images found online; or May’s pixelated tree sculptures, the viewer is thrown into a world where the structures behind everyday gestures, faces and forms are upended to reveal unexpected beauty, balance and grace.

“Iron Gate East operates as a ‘gallery without walls’, and we are thrilled to introduce a unique style of viewing art to the East End. This is the second location we are exhibiting in since February—our previous exhibition Ghosts of the Inanimate was on view at the elegant Southampton Social Club this winter. The barn has a very different atmosphere—vaulted ceilings, hand laid brickwork, arched brick doors, hand-hewn pine floors and beams. By partnering with different spaces, we are able to experiment with a range of curatorial styles while exposing a broader community to a diverse range of artists and works of contemporary art, design and creative expression,” says Kelcey Edwards, Iron Gate East founder. “This spring and summer we will be curating a series of artist talks, film screenings, poetry readings and performances to coincide with our exhibitions in an effort to create new intersections around how art is experienced in our communities.”

Unravelled Beauty will be on view at The Spur—the first private co-working space and innovation club for entrepreneurs on the East End.

Artist Reception: Saturday, May 19, 2018, 5-7pm with artists Sydney Albertini, AM DeBrincat and Anthony Heinz May. On view 7 days a week 10-5 and by appointment.

Artist Talk: Friday, June 15, 2018 from 5-6:30pm with exhibition artist Anthony Heinz May. 
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