“The Artwork of Liz Gribin, Lois Bender, Herbert August, Lynn Matsuoka”

Liz Gribin, former Sag Harbor resident with family currently residing in Sag Harbor, is an internationally acclaimed painter. A living legend with her own distinct style which moves from shallow to deep across the space in the picture plane. Her figures are emotionally loaded through postures and placement. Backgrounds merge with the figures for a cubist feel. Colors are remarkably handled. She has created a distinct niche in contemporary art.

Lynn Matsuoka, of Sag Harbor is blessed with a rare visual craft in poetic imagery of birds in flight and horses gliding over the earth that stir emotion through powerful and lyrical lines. She creates instant emotional connections through imageries of American equestrian endeavors, capturing delicate nuances of the world she surveys.

Herb August of Sagaponack often starts a work with reference to nature, which becomes abstract. “The world is his oyster” for subject matter. Starting small and enlarging, he explores color, shape, and texture with greater freedom. These elements and intuition become emotional expression. Herb has studied with Robert Gwathmey and Louis Kahn.

Lois Bender strolls us through Paris Gardens in the Hamptons in her watercolors “Les Jardins de Paris”. Her paintings capture rich landscapes and charming views of iconic gardens and parks throughout Paris during her art residency in France. She puts us under “the spell” of a Spring in Paris, “the world’s garden mecca”, from well-known gardens and loved neighborhoods – Monet’s Garden Giverny. Her paintings express idyllic moments, “Joie de Vivre” through Paris’ horticultural/floral embellishments, their beauty, mystique, and architecture, be it the Louvre, a Paris street, or potted geraniums everywhere on terraces, windows, and urns. Her paintings express the timelessness of Paris, its historical architectural styles, and its range of moods.

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