“Suspension of Disbelief”

"Suspension of Disbelief"
With Alexander Klingspor & Margo Selski

“I offer to the viewer my imagination, a bastion of myths, and metaphors of my idiosyncrasies, fears, hopes and desires. Viewers get to take a journey and find their own interpretation.” - Margo Selski

‘My work is very much reflecting the inner states of my mind, depicted in a surreal urban environment, the city of my soul.’ - Alexander Klingspor

Escape, dream and imagine a magical realm where curious images from myth are juxtaposed with reality.

Meet visiting artists Alexander Klingspor and Margo Selski who will participate in a lively Artist’s Talk from 5-6 followed by an Opening Reception from 6-8:30pm.

Selski and Klingspor’s works form a dynamic relationship. They both depict eccentric characters in a complex narrative, yet Alexander Klingspor’s fantastical dramatic scenes where bodies stretch and writhe in theatrical environments exhibit an extreme contrast to Margo Selski’s calculated diorama-esque compositions presenting the figures frozen, posing while the viewer dissects the roles each character plays within the narrative.

Margo Selski paints from her studio in St Paul overlooking the Mississippi River, boasting a long list of solo exhibitions, her work can also be found in multiple museum collections.

Alexander Klingspor keeps two studios, one in New York and one at the Royal Academy in Stockholm. Klingspor has an upcoming museum exhibition at The Prince Eugens Waldemarsudde Museum March 3 – May 27 2018 which will then travel to The Vida Museum outside of Sweden.

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