“Strings: A Selection of Recent Work by Christopher Engel”

Strings is a selection of recent work by Christopher Engel.

The recurrent theme of all humans connected to those who have gone before echoes throughout the series, as in all of Engel’s work. Engel explains, "There are points in life when all lines come together. There is an alignment of thoughts and ideas. All voices resonate in unison, and that which travels within has the moment to be seen, heard or felt. We are surrounded by the remnants of all who came before; the energy leaving ‘strings’ that entangle into our lives."

The title figurative work contains two figures holding the strings of puppets. The main figure is the Sutradhara, known as the “holder of strings.” Traditionally, this is the central character in Sanskrit theater and also the head of the troupe. The symbolic and metaphysical interpretations resound. The seminal abstract work, “Strings,” has ties to Engel’s abstract series “Alchemy” and “Through the Lines.” The work references calligraphy, graffiti, marks on walls, tar patches, ripples in water and, seemingly, all are bound together through the motion and energy of the entire composition.

Engel’s work is part of many art collections throughout New York from NYC to the East End, as well as collections on both the East and West Coast and Europe. He has gained great recognition as an artist over the past sixteen years as a resident of Sag Harbor, and Romany Kramoris Gallery has been thrilled to present and represent Engel’s work for the past ten years.

Romany Kramoris Gallery is open 7 days a week from 11 until 9, later weekend nights.

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