“Spring Holiday Preview”


Stephen Wilkes
Daniel Jones
Blair Seagram
Roberto Dutesco
Eric Meola

Stephen Wilkes’s wildly popular "Day to Night” Series are exciting images of the most beloved cities and sites of the world. The newest Image is Our coveted “Brooklyn Bridge” a great twist on the “Day To Night” As part of his on going series the Big Cities.

Wilkes was recently featured exhibit at National Geographic Museum in Washington DC. In addition his Wilkes fabulous Bird images featured 2018 National Geographic “Bird Migration article. In newest National Geographic Issue celebrating the 100th anniversary of the State Parks in America 2016.

He is on a quest to complete his vision photographing for an upcoming a fine art publication. Please see Stephen on his recent lecture on Ted Talks.

Techniques all explained on a “CBS Sunday Morning” segment Shooting 12 hours from day to night a gathering1,200 to 1,500 image into form one image from dawn to dusk.

Daniel Jones, his newest body of work, the City series is almost painterly images and creates a visual moment that pulls the viewer in. His The stunning color is all true to to the eye, altered only by the atmosphere created by the weather, light and in camera movement. This body of work, a new beginning, for Dan has been widely admired by our collectors and fans in the gallery. Dan Jones, who was featured on “CBS Sunday Morning” a few weeks ago, with an opening reception for his work on Saturday, December 26, from 5 to 7 p.m. His dreamy “Seaside Impression” series and large format camera-shot la landscapes still continues to be popular.

Blair Seagram. "When my lens turned toward surfers I was inspired by their keen sense of timing catching a wave then riding across it. The sequence of images that make up the surfing panoramas is less about a decisive moment than about a series of moments or continuity of actions that are presented as one still image." -Blair Seagram. In her newest work she is presenting a unique series of sea and land abstractions.

Roberto Dutesco's Wild Horses of Sable Island'. We are having a Book Signing for his beautiful book of the same name has been revealing the beauty of nature and the human spirit through his photography for more than three decades. He first learned of Sable Island and its wild horses in 1994 and made his first trip to the island that same year. A perilous journey by small plane from Halifax and a beach landing brought him to this remarkable place. Over time, and with patience and respect for these living creatures who, in the absence of natural predators, exhibit no fear of humans, he learned the ways of the horses and fell in love with the island in the process. Roberto’s has chosen this wonderful contact with the Sable Island horse After years of a steller reputation as fashion photographer

Spring Gallery Hours: 12:30 - 6:30 PM Thursday thru Monday


Photo: © Stephen Wilkes _Steeple  Jason Falkland Islands Day to Night series

Photo:@ Brooklyn Bridge 2016_Day to Night © Stephen Wilkes

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