Rosemarie Schiller: “Walking the Walk”

Rosemarie Schiller


September 8 – October 9, 2017 (FRI - MON 11 - 5pm)

ARTIST RECEPTION: Saturday, September 9, 2017 (5 – 7pm)

Art Space 98, 98 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, NY

I have always been moved by our shared human condition. This is reflected in my current installation ‘Walking the Walk’ at ART SPACE 98, a visual commentary in three parts on Migration and today’s Immigrants. I’m mainly using clay (smoke-fired), a material I’ve had a strong affinity with for years. Three canvas panels with story and a collection of pastel drawings are also part of the show.

In part 1, a big group of smoke-fired feet, modeled in clay, are walking a long ‘tribal’ walk. Each pair has its own individual story and unique expression. The work is inspired by the endless chain of Migrations: The first known Great Migrations coming out of Africa some 70’000 years ago (spreading across Asia, Australia and Europe), followed by many more up to the very recent wave of displaced people who are escaping war, persecution, famine, or are simply looking for a brighter future for their families. This search for better lives and more attractive places on the world map has never really stopped.

The ‘Walk’ in this show is dedicated to immigrants who with their families are experiencing real hardship and rejection in harsh current times.

In part 2, a collection of smoke-fired clay masks, assembled on two metal panels (‘Tree of life’) are linking us to our ancestors. We can safely say that everyone’s ancestors at one time came from another part of the world, a fact that links us all together. Some of us have moved to this country in our own lifetime. Others have lived here for generations. For everyone Migration has played a big role in becoming who we are today.

Part 3: ‘DEPARTURE’, a text spread over 3 canvas panels is reflecting the intimate voice of a small child. She is telling how it felt when they had to leave the only home she knew.

"Walking the Walk" by Rosemarie Schiller. Courtesy of Art Space 98.

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