“Richard Mothes, Barbara Bilotta &Bobbie Braun”

"Richard Mothes, Barbara Bilotta & Bobbie Braun" is on view at The White Room Gallery from October 10 to November 1. An Opening Reception will be held on October 10, 2015 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Barbara Bilotta

I consider myself an Abstract Expressionist. There is an elemental strength in my images that grounds them, setting up a contrast with the dynamic use of colors and shapes. My goal is to transform the natural order into a suggestive interpretation to stimulate the imagination.

Much of my interpretation is rooted in my color palette. I love everything that is brilliant and incredible and I attempt to incorporate it into my work. This transmits itself through the bright blues, glowing yellows and intense reds that often punctuate my images, drawing the viewer’s eye into the patterns I create. I also use a whole range of subtler shades, rendering soft fields of pastel color that fade into white, or areas of rich browns and blacks. One of my goals is to bring out a beautiful interplay of light and shadows, and is it is this which gives my images a palpable sense of physicality, even at their most abstract.

The surface of my paintings is also the result of an intriguing contrast. I work mostly in acrylics glazed with resin, and the acrylic’s softness and the resin’s hardness combine to create a “charged atmospheric space” in which the viewer is made to feel the movement of the paint.

Bobbie Braun

Bobbie Braun has a BFA from Boston University and an AAS in design, from the Parson's School of Design in NYC. Her creative life has included an active career in interior design, which included owning and operating a successful, full service design firm, Braun Design Inc. She also taught at Parsons and the New School and was a participant in the prestigious Designers' Showcases®. Her creative abilities also include creating a unique line of hand-made precious gem jewelry.

Bobbie has always expressed her creative vision and focus through her oil painting. Her works are shown in galleries throughout the Hamptons and Florida and in her private collection.

Richard Mothes

Richard Mothes recently made a move to pursue his art full-time. Originally from East Hampton, N.Y., Mothes attended Clarkson University majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Next, it was on to Southampton College where he attended his first drawing class. It wouldn't be until many years later that he began to paint and sketch again.

In 2014, after 22 years in the tennis business, Rich is now concentrating fully on his artwork. Currently, he is experimenting with various styles and materials but Realism suits his natural style and techniques. Growing up in East Hampton had a profound affect on his subject matter; the special nature of this place can be seen in many of Mothes's art works.

Despite his recent re-entry into the art work, Richard Mothes's art can be found in galleries and homes throughout The Hamptons and in New York City.

The White Room Gallery is located at 2415 Main St., Bridgehampton, NY 11932. www.thewhiteroom.gallery.

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