“Querencia: Oil Paintings by Dennis Snyder”

ART SPACE 98 is very happy to present Dennis Snyder’s “Querencia”, a collection of oil paintings in various sizes. A longtime resident and artist of the East End of Long Island Dennis has shown his art work extensively in the area. He is well known for his signature landscape paintings, which exude an aura of untouched sea and land. These landscapes still exist here today if you know where to look...

’Querencia’ (a Spanish term close to Dennis’ heart) is defined as the place where the bull naturally gravitates towards in the ring - a preferred locality. It is a space that develops over the course of a fight, and is “where the bull makes his home”, says Ernest Hemingway. The English writer Roy Campbell writes the following about the great Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca: ‘His appeal is never more universal than when he is writing at home about his native Andalusia’. Andalusia was Lorca’s ‘querencia’, the place he always returned to for poetical strength. Even when Lorca could not return in person, he returned to Andalusia in his imagination, memory and dreams; it never failed him as a source of strength and inspiration.

Dennis has lived his whole life on the East End of Long Island. After leaving the Navy in 1970 he received a full scholarship from Southampton College, studied with his mentor and friend Bob Mumford, and eventually graduated with a BFA. He raised a family in Southampton and made his way out here.

While in college, he discovered the culture of Spain and was deeply influenced and fascinated by it: the great artists Velazquez and Goya…the bullring… flamenco, and the poetry of Garcia Lorca who came to New York (“City that does not sleep”) and sang the deep songs of his native Spain.

As for ‘Querencia’, Dennis says : “The East End, the South Fork, is my ‘querencia’. I have always felt the spirit of this place, its soul (what the Spanish call ‘duenda’), the Ocean, dunes, fields, bays, the people and its history. The deep history of this place is in the very air I breathe. Its great wild sea energy is my natural place. Art to me is like breathing: natural, ordinary, yet essential; art is a lifeline to what is, an antenna picking up what's in the air. Unseen but felt - expressing itself, revealing itself surprisingly and unexpectedly on paper or canvas - I love this not-knowing of what will be revealed, and I try not to civilize or corrupt it.”

“Between the sky and land, surrounded by the ocean and fields, I’m here with my work. From landscape to seascape to figures, they are all one for me. Stillness and motion. The ocean and the potato field in the fog. They are constant influences in all that I do.”



1977 BFA from Southampton College
1990 Ongoing Exhibition, Studio Connection, Southampton, NY
1997 Figures in Space, Goat Alley Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY
1998 Centennial Open, Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY
1990 Bob Mumford Memorial Show, Southampton College, Southampton, NY
2000 Landscapes, Rogers Memorial Library, Southampton, NY
2001 Members Show, Ashawagh Hall, Springs, NY
2002 Winners Show, East End Arts Council Gallery, Riverhead, NY
2004 Witnessing, Ice House Gallery, Greenport, NY
2004 Artists Showcase, Bolton Center of the Performing Arts, Bay Shore NY
2006 Landscapes, Canios Bookstore, Sag Harbor, NY
2007 Local Landscapes, Estias, Amagansett NY
2011 911 Memorial Show, Suffolk Community College Lycem Gallery, Riverhead, NY2011 911
2012 4 North Main Gallery, Southampton, NY
2016 Witness, Canios Book Store, Sag Harbor, NY
2016 East End Collected2, Southampton Arts Center, Southampton NY



1) Lorca, oil on canvas, 30"x40"

2) Querencia (part), oil on canvas, 30" x 36"

3) Gwenn (part), oil on canvas, 24" x 30"

4) Watch Your Step, oil on canvas, 24" x 30"

5) Landscape 3, oil on canvas, 12" x 12"


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