“Perceptive Dimension”

Featuring two new photographic series by regional artists Carolyn Conrad and Scott Farrell that reveal the artists’ sensitivity and awareness of the integral spatial and dimensional aspects of varied scenes.

Carolyn Conrad’s continuation on minimalist handmade constructions portrays more intimate and less temporal domestic spaces than her previously exhibited expansive rural scenes. Using the disciplines of painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography, she has taken a new direction with color, tone, space, light source, and perspective to create an exterior landscape that offers balance, harmony, and a respite from an internal world.

Scott Farrell has abstracted sizeable vivid and textural landscapes from weathered surfaces that, in reality, are temporary and may have measured only one or two feet wide. His new series of images include visions of multi-dimensional mountain ranges, deserts, coastlines and beaches that have deceptively appeared on surfaces of boats in dry dock throughout the Northeast.

Press Release
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