On the Grid

VSOP Projects is pleased to present On the Grid, an exhibition organized by East Hampton artist and curator Scott Bluedorn.
As a formal device, the grid defines and divides space, serving as a framework for which a given subject might be expressed. As an art historical element, the grid has been employed as a compositional guide in renaissance painting, an ideal in the Bauhaus, and a form to be obliterated by the abstract expressionists and action painters. In many ways, modern life has been influenced by grids, from city planning to microchips, and yet, for every practicality imposed on the utilitarian x and y axis, there is a possibility for chance, spontaneity, and art.

Artists participating in "On the Grid" include Sabra Moon Elliot, Darlene Charneco, Bastienne Schmidt, Christine Sciulli, Mike Solomon, Colin Goldberg, Drew Shiflett, Patience Pollock, Daniel Sullivan, Robert Otto Epstein, Ryan DaWalt, and Josh Cohen.

Press Release
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