“Oil Paintings by David Peikon”

East End Arts is pleased to announce the new art show at the Rosalie Dimon Gallery, at the Jamesport Manor Inn featuring the oil paintings of David Peikon.

About The Artist: David Peikon (born 1958) dreamed of a life as a painter since his early teens but was urged to seek a more secure career path. After college he spent 15 years in the commercial printing industry, culminating his career as a vice-president of sales. In 1996, at the age of 38, he left the business world to pursue his passion. His landscapes have been described as scenes of serene isolation, always with a reverence for the beauty of nature, whether the subject is the native shores of Long Island or the hills of Tuscany. Now in his second decade as a painter, his work hangs in private and corporate collections around the world. In addition to 18 solo shows thus far, he has been featured in numerous publications including American Artist Magazine and The New York Times. Also known for his striking portraits, the artist is honored to include among his clients, William F. Buckley Jr., Dr. George Church, Salvatore Ferragamo, Philanthropist David H. Koch, The Presidents of Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Mrs. Mary Phipps, Dr. David Steinberg, President of Long Island University and Nobel Laureates Drs. Elizabeth Blackburn, Thomas Cech, Carol Greider, and James D. Watson.

Artist Statement: "Crazy times, in a crazy world. It makes us all yearn for a simpler time, when life moved at a more sane pace. Personally, I felt the pull of a quieter life from an early age, preferring to be alone at a drawing board or easel above all else. Deep in concentration, shutting out the noise of the world while in the 'zone', brought a sense of peace to my whirring mind.
When I turned to painting as a profession, now 21 years ago, it was the visual memories of my youth that provided inspiration. Barns, fields, gardens, beaches, open land, where you can actually see the horizon, remain among my favorite subjects.
I hope that my struggles as a painter provide a momentary respite for my viewers, to savor the simple beauty that is still to be found around us, if we take the time to seek it out.”

Press Release
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