Of and On Paper

“Of and On Paper” paintings on paper by Ky Anderson and works consisting of pigmented paper pulp on handmade paper by Nancy Cohen.

Ky Anderson’s paintings on paper contain her notable abstract imagery and layers of bold, linear forms. Channeling the primitive origins of drawing with a serene palette and simple, bold shapes, she constructs compositions that are not quite symmetric, but beautifully balanced. Her images are often built from the foundation of a large dome or pointed form, recalling a wilderness or landscape. She builds forms with forces that act on each other, balancing each other, revealing the underlying structure in an imagined nature.

In this most recent body of work, Nancy Cohen continues her exploration of waterways and their human-like existence - persevering under constant adversity from outside forces. Her imagery created with pigmented paper pulp on hand-made paper is an attempt to give form to the images and experiences Cohen has been archiving; images of the vulnerability and resilience of both nature and the man-made world, in addition to personal reflections on human aging. Combining both sculptural and mark making techniques the work speaks to the physicality of the body and simultaneously evokes an intimate sense of touch. In a way, it is akin to being in nature and experiencing both the vastness and quiet moments of focus.

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