New Work by Marilla Palmer and Sarah Irvin

Sarah Irvin creates dynamic, rich images that contain an activated freshness while ruminating on the strength and limitations of language and memory. Her process for her ink series reflects the shifting nature of memory, the evolution of language how its dependability can be lost over time.

There is an inextricable connection between nature and the work of Marilla Palmer in inspiration, process, and concept. Her mixed media pieces blur the distinction between the organic and artifice, using dried foliage and scavenged detritus alongside synthetic materials to enrich rendered paintings of branches and flowers. In Palmer’s studio, leaves and petals that have been gathered from her garden are pressed, wings are collected from dead insects, and mushrooms are gathered to make spore prints. These elements sneak into the work among drawn shadows of branches and watercolor florals, often nearly undetectable until after careful inspection. Then, Palmer brings a touch of glamour with lush fabrics, sequins, and glitter, adding a celebratory level of additional beauty.

Press Release
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