Michele Dragonetti: Re-emergent

Roman Fine Art is pleased to announce our upcoming solo exhibition of photographs by Michele Dragonetti, titled Re-emergent. Dragonetti’s second solo exhibition at Roman Fine Art once again highlights photographs from her Boat Hull series. The exhibit will open Friday, August 31st. There will be a wine reception for the artist Saturday, September 1st, 6-p.m. Michele Dragonetti's Boat Hull series began in the marinas of Montauk where she was drawn to boats in need of repair and refurbishing. In Re-emergent, Dragonetti focuses on the boats she photographs as art objects. Once removed from the water, most boats live a very different life. Typically propped up on boat supports or storage blocks, the boats’ functional purpose takes a backseat to their aesthetic one. Arguably, the most beautiful part of the boat, the hull, remains hidden for much of its life. The colorful paint detailing, often enhanced by saltwater and natural wear, lies on the bottom surface of the boats…lost to us. Dragonetti’s photographs rediscover this hidden beauty. Through her images, the boats find a new life out of the water.

As always, Dragonetti focuses her compositions on the triangular patterns of the hulls in a square format, allowing her to highlight the essential geometry of the images. The work emphasizes the contrast between the abstract patterns of the painted lines and colors of the hulls, and the interplay of textures. The boats photographed in this series take on the quality of beautiful abstract, sometimes minimalist paintings. Photos in this ongoing series transform often humble vessels into striking portraits, celebrating their imperfect appeal. About Michele Dragonetti: Since Dragonetti began this series locally in 2013, the series has expanded beyond its East End origins to include images taken in Connecticut, Florida, California, Vermont, Argentina, Cuba, London, Lisbon, Barcelona, Malta and the southern coast of Portugal. Dragonetti continues to travel and document boat hulls for this ongoing series, expanding upon an incredibly large and diverse collection of compositions and colors. Michele Dragonetti lives and works in Amagansett, NY and New York City. In addition to numerous gallery shows, Dragonetti's photographs have been exhibited at relevant International art fairs including Art New York, Market Art + Design and Aqua Art Miami. This spring her work was featured in an exhibition at Urban Outfitters corporate headquarters in Philadelphia, PA. The East Hampton Marine Museum featured a solo exhibition of Dragonetti's photographs last summer. Her recent work has been focused primarily on her Boat Hull series.

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