“Michael Oruch: Time Out of Mind”

Art Space 98 is happy to present “Time Out of Mind”, featuring oil paintings by the New York City-based artist, Michael Oruch.

Oruch has had his studio on the Bowery for thirty years. He has a BFA in Drawing from the University of Iowa and an MFA in painting from Northwestern, where he also taught alongside Ed Paschke. Although he started out as a landscape-oriented painter, often working under the Brooklyn Bridge in the 70’s, he has exhibited as an abstract painter since 1978. His work reflects his longstanding interest in Oriental and Native American imagery, American Folk Art, Eastern philosophy, and geometric divination imagery such as the Celtic Runes and the I Ching. His expression of all of these interests is deeply rooted in American Modernism.

Oruch’s last solo show was in March in NYC at B135 with 44 paintings of mixed scale, including six large paintings from his I Ching Series.

This summer at ART SPACE 98, Michael Oruch is showing configurations of smaller works spanning the past few years. The smaller format is conceptually influenced by Tibetan travelling Thangkas, Morandi, and Tantric paintings. Oruch’s works in this exhibit explore iconic yet non-specific imagery. The mostly small-scale works are painted in oil on a heavy Belgian linen paper, a material he has used for decades, and are later mounted on panels.

About his show at ART SPACE 98 Michael says: “I’ve wanted to do a show of these small paintings for a long time. I find them to be objects of meditation and contemplation. Each stands on its own rather than as a series; but when grouped together, the works converse.”

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