“LONG ISLAND PAINTERS – A Survey: 1880s to the Present”

William Merritt CHASE, Dan CHRISTENSEN, Amanda CHURCH, Willem de KOONING, Jimmy ERNST, Eric FISCHL, Cornelia FOSS, Robert GWATHMEY, Grace HARTIGAN, Thomas MORAN, Fairfield PORTER, Larry RIVERS, Dan RIZZIE, Brian RUTENBERG, Donald SULTAN, John TORREANO, Andy WARHOL, Darius YEKTAI and others

Please join us for our first exhibition of the season, Long Island Painters: A Survey. Featuring work of Long Island artists beginning with the 1890s and up through the current day. Since the end of the 19th century, artists have been populating the East End of Long Island. Thomas Moran settled in East Hampton in 1884, and his studio soon became a gathering place for artists and intellectuals. Just a few years later William Merritt Chase became founding director of the Shinnecock Hills Summer School of Art in the 1890s. The tradition of the artist colony continued into the 1940s and 50s when the Hamptons became home to some of the leading proponents of the burgeoning abstract expressionist movement. Today the East End maintains its position at the forefront of the contemporary art world, including artists producing both experimental new works and those embracing time-honored traditions of the past.

This exhibition will conclude with a discussion, “The Tyranny of Eclecticism” on Saturday, June 9th, led by moderator Bruce Helander and including panel members John Torreano, and Annie Plumb. Proceeds from the talk and a portion from the exhibition will benefit FIGHTING CHANCE, Free Cancer Counseling Center located in Sag Harbor.

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