Alan BRAY, Dina BRODSKY, Zaria FORMAN, Cornelia FOSS, April GORNIK, Susan GROSSMAN, John HARDY, Catherine HOWE, Shiva JLAYER, Lisa LEBOFSKY, Alyssa MONKS, Mary REILLY, Joan SEMMEL, Susan SHATTER, Keiji SHINOHARA, Daniel SPRICK, Emma TAPLEY, Tula TELFAIR, Annie WILDEY, Andrew WYETH, Jamie WYETH

Rick Davidman, a financial advisor based in New York, opened DFN Gallery in SoHo in 1996. At first, DFN exhibited artwork in various styles and media – painting, photography, sculpture, video, and installations. There were also frequent theatre and dance performances, as well as book and poetry readings. But by the time Rick moved the gallery to Tribeca in September 2001, the focus of the program became contemporary representational painting and drawing. Many of the artists in the Land & Sea & Sky exhibition, such as Susan Grossman, Mary Reilly, Alyssa Monks, and Zaria Forman, were just beginning their careers when they became represented by DFN. Others, including Cornelia Foss, Tula Telfair, John Hardy, and Susan Shatter were already quite established, but were attracted to the energy and commitment of DFN. Rick closed DFN after 15 years in 2011, but he continues to work behind the scenes advising artists, dealers, and collectors. Rick also curates exhibitions in galleries and public spaces around the U.S. and Europe that feature many of today’s top artists.

MM Fine Art is the collaboration of Peter Marcelle and Catherine McCormick. With over a half century of combined experience in the art business, they work closely with both firmly established blue chip and emerging contemporary artists and present exhibitions regularly in both NYC and Southampton, NY. In this exhibition, noted gallery artists Daniel Sprick and Cornelia Foss are included, along with works by Andrew and Jamie Wyeth, in whom the gallery specializes.

Land & Sea & Sky, which opens August 4th at MM Fine Art in Southampton, predominantly features paintings and drawings by artists who are well known for landscapes – such as April Gornik, Tula Telfair and Cornelia Foss. However, also in this exhibition are landscapes by artists better known for their figurative works, including Joan Semmel, Alyssa Monks and others.

Rick, Catherine and Peter have known and worked together for many years and are excited to bring some of their favorite artists together. Many of the artists are close friends and are thrilled to have this opportunity to show together in Southampton on the first weekend in August.


Joan Semmel, Pasture, 1983, oil on canvas, 72 x 96 inches

Susan Grossman, Arrival, 2018, pastel and charcoal on paper, 50 x 60 inches

April Gornik, Clouds Shaping Night, 2013, oil on linen, 24 x 32 inches

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