Informed by Surrealism and aligned with Neo-expressionism, Jedd Garet made a name for himself as a young artist, part of the “new painting” or “bad painting” movement of the 1980s that favored a purposely awkward style and pushed figurative painting in a fresh, new direction.

During that time his work appropriated modes and motifs especially from Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico, who founded of the Metaphysical School in 1917. In his current body of work, Garet continues to reference surrealist/mannerist ideas and jarring contrasts
of color, but has traded his use of paint and brush for the computer keyboard to investigate aesthetics of the digital age.

His work combines figuration and abstraction in seemingly narrative works, exploring the relationship between man, technology, nature, and art. With the use of digital media, ambiguous unrelated images become visions of metaphysical landscapes where atmospheric forms and architectural fragments collide in a swirl of invented space.

Press Release
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