Jean-Luc Mylayne: A Matter of Place

"Jean-Luc Mylayne: A Matter of Place" presents monumentally scaled photographs by the French artist who juxtaposes natural and man-made, stillness and motion, calm and tension within poetic and mysterious photographs. The exhibition reflects the artist’s almost metaphysical approach to image-making. Through his lifetime pursuit to photograph commonplace birds in natural habitats, Mylayne has engaged in a profound investigation of how humankind and nature can coexist.

"Jean-Luc Mylayne: A Matter of Place" features nine images made in New Mexico and Texas, gifted to the Parrish by the artist and the Lannan Foundation. The show is part of "Parrish Perspectives"—a series of concentrated exhibitions that offers the museum opportunities to respond spontaneously and directly to art, artists, and the creative process.

Press Release
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