Alex Ferrone Gallery on the North Fork is pleased to present Hybrid, a new exhibit featuring works by regional artists Roz Dimon, Colin Goldberg, and Han Qin - each artist combining digital technology with various artistic disciplines including painting, drawing, photography, and printmaking in their creative processes. Meet the artists at a public Opening Reception on Saturday, October 14 from 6-8pm. Hybrid runs from October 14 - November 12, 2017.

An artist working in the forefront of digital art practices since 1984, Roz Dimon has created a multi-layered, interactive painting she calls, a DIMONscape® - a single digitally collaged image composed of numerous photographs and digital drawings that is presented in a lightbox. On exhibit is the DIMONscape®, Pale Male: A Pilgrimage - a symbolic, spiritual and iconographic work created in response to the September 11 attacks. Dimon states, "In one sense, this story is about a hawk who, witnessing his natural habitat "lost," adapts to new surroundings, and makes his home in the crosshairs of an urban frontier, New York City." Along with Pale Male are four of its "states", or stages, that reveal to the viewer their own symbolism and meaning separate from the whole. Significantly noted, Dimon's Pale Male: A Pilgrimage is in the permanent collection of the National September 11 Memorial Museum.

Colin Goldberg's Photoconstructs series explores the intersection of traditional and digital art processes. Unlike previous works of Goldberg's that have been more formalist and non-representational, Goldberg utilizes original photographs relevant to his personal life experiences combined with drawing, painting and digital printing to produce his singular hand-painted works. Inspired by Pop Art era and Abstract Expressionist artists, Goldberg modernizes processes by employing specialized primers that allow him to digitally print directly to painted surfaces, where the underpaintings interact with the photographic layers.

Han Qin's work adapts a traditional approach to our digital era, but is formally grounded in painting, drawing and printmaking, using analog and digital tools to create storytelling works. Her exhibit series, Where is Home, depicts the pattern of human movement, especially immigrating, moving, living, or even studying in another place - questioning the relationship between memory and experience related to her own transition and relocation, as well as curiosity about migrants' lives. Qin's works are created from a hybrid of cyanotype, digital editing, plotter printing, and acrylic painting, where each process reveals different emotions - all implying a poetic depiction of Qin's understanding of "home."

Alex Ferrone Gallery is at 25425 Main Road, Cutchogue. Hours: 11am-5pm Friday through Sunday (11-6 Saturday); or happily by appointment other days. Call 631-734-8545 for more info or visit AlexFerroneGallery.com.


"Composition with Windmill" by Colin Goldberg

"Pale Male: A Pilgrimage" by Roz Dimon

"Where is Home 1 (partial)" by Han Qin

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