“Gregory Johnston: Corsa Rossa (The Physical Presence of Being)”

The title of this exhibition helps explain the current course the artist has taken, the first part Corsa Rossa (Red Race) is a nod to the inspiration for the original concept it is Ferrari of course. Red the color that has become synonymous with the fabled carmaker and then Race again referring to its illustrious racing history. The second part, The Physical Presence of Being asks us consider the physicality of the works, they are in fact from actual vintage Ferrari’s, a 250 GTE door, a 365 hood or a 575 Maranello. If the use value of a thing dies, can the alienated and hollowed-out object come to be charged with a new subjectivity? Can the artist take these vestiges of a divergent history and create a path to “fine art”? This the question posed and the answer simply put is yes. The ruined and abandoned objects are charged with new subjective intentions they become a quasi-subject, one that offers a glimpse of a world beyond the objectivity of it’s industrial production. This use of pre-existing objects and their use for the production of a new value is not a theoretical leap but a new reality. The inherent beauty in the original object becomes redefined by Johnston. The doors and hoods are no longer passively waiting for a concept or theory to arrange themselves. The hood rears its head—a rough beast, a sci-fi monster, a repressed returnee, with a materiality … a physical presence of being.

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