“Gabriele T. Raacke: IN BETWEEN (acrylics on glass)”

Hours: Fri - Mon 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Gabi Raacke has been living and working for many years on the East End of Long Island and has shown her extraordinary work extensively to great acclaim. In this show she is diving into her vivid, surrealist and humoresque imagery by using the technique of reverse glass painting. This type of painting originated in the Middle Ages, spread from Central to Eastern Europe and later to Italy in the Renaissance Arts. Gabi’s luminous colors bring out an attractive freshness in expression and her works are great fun to be with. Here is what the artist says about her art:

"As an immigrant I had to learn to live and work in between worlds. Adapting to a different country, culture, and customs is a challenge and a mind opener. Through painting I connect with different times, far away places, and other worlds.

I met many of the characters who live in my paintings long ago, first listening to my parents recounting Grimm’s fairy tales, then exploring the depths of the black forest near my childhood home in Germany. Decades later, traveling and living in Africa for a few years, I came in contact with other cultures and ways to see the world. What seemed strange and exotic at first challenged my imagination and opened my mind to other beliefs.

It would be impossible for me to describe these impressions with words. But the glass on which I paint allows me to project memories of the encounters and experiences of my life’s journey for others to see.

The shiny glass pieces I use as my canvas produce a unique luminance that stems from light reflected in between layers of paint and the glass surface. I paint on the back of the glass in reverse order, foreground first and finish with the background as the last layer. This process, known as reverse painting on glass, was used in the 18th and 19th century in Germany’s black forest.

My work often features surreal reflections of reality, influenced by memories of fairy tales, a small town circus or dreams: a monkey in the village square, a woman riding a giant rooster, or a clown and a dancer flying paper airplanes. Living ‘in between’ allows me to see what is invisible from a single vantage point which is what I try to capture in my work.”

Images: "Flea Circus" by Gabriele Raacke. Acrylics on glass.

"Airmail" by Gabriele Raacke. Acrylics on glass. 

"Two to Tango" by Gabriele Raacke. Acrylics on glass.

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