“Every Village Has A Story: Places”

In this exhibition, nine local artists were invited to explore the roots and underpinnings of Sag Harbor's past through its buildings and places, and reflect on how those parts of the village inform their present. The exhibition is curated by Elise Goodheart.

We invite you to come inside and explore their vision of Sag Harbor.

Every village has a story and in Sag Harbor, N.Y. that story is unique among the villages of the South Fork of Long Island. While neighboring East Hampton and Southampton were both founded in the 17th century as farming communities and eventually transformed into high end summer resorts for wealthy New Yorkers looking to escape the city’s heat, Sag Harbor began life as a working port and it grew up as a decidedly urban community. As a result, this is a village that has always been grounded in its working class roots.

Contributing Artists: Reynold Ruffin, John Capello, Paul Davis, Erica Lynn Huberty, Joan Tripp, Scott Sandell, Peter Solow, Carolyn Conrad, Michael Butler.

Press Release
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