Daniel Brice: Still Life

In his fourth solo show with the gallery, “Still Life” consists of nine paintings of the same image, a Polaroid photograph of three flowers in a vase. The representational imagery is a departure from the abstract color-field work he has exhibited through his twenty year career.

Landscape and still life are the nexus in which Brice explores the complexity and resonance of color - like many California artists inspired by the sun-drenched colors of the west coast: Diebenkorn, Hockney, and Irwin to name a few.

In both genres, Brice’s minimalist, color paintings offer formalist and meditative qualities simultaneously. Brice’s Polaroid, taken over 25 years ago, has been a reference point for several periods of work. Preserving the image in this body of work reveals his adherence to the exercise of seeing. The repetition acknowledges the endless variations of a given subjet and the challenge of conveying that.

Press Release
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