“Connie Fox and William King: An Artist Couple”

Guest curated by Gail Levin

The exhibition investigates for the first time the interaction of Fox and King as an artist couple, comparing them to other local pairs such as Pollock and Krasner, Elaine and Willem de Kooning, and James Brooks and Charlotte Park. Fox and King were well established artists when they met in 1980. Each had been married more than once when they turned up as fiddlers in the artist Audrey Flack’s bluegrass band, “The Art Attacks” and struck a chord that resonated through the rest of their lives. Spanning seven decades, the exhibition features paintings and drawings by Connie Fox and sculptures, chairs, and works on paper by William King. King’s numerous depictions of couples will be featured. He portrayed not only himself with Fox but other artist-couples from their social circle, including images of the painters John Hardy and Joan Semmel, and Eric Fischl and April Gornik.

Press Release
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