“Brendan Murphy: Lightness of Being”

Brendan Murphy is a world renowned artist.  Brendan was born in Bloomington, Indiana (1971) but grew up in Providence, R.I. Brendan’s artistic career began in New York City where he mentored under New York’s most iconic painters, Erich Fischl, David Salle, and Ross Bleckner.  Their influence is evident in Brendan’s command of color and experimentation with form.  Brendan continues to push the walls of creativity beyond the confines of the canvas and has since explored sculpture work, concept pieces, and a wide range of different materials and tools.

In doing so, Brendan has developed his own style, a definitively dynamic mix of the abstract and figurative form. Each of Brendan’s works maintain a consistent exploration of color, language, and symbols. Thematically, Brendan explores the interplay of beauty, power and the need to understand the energies of life.

With the Chalk board Portraits, one has an opportunity to participate in one of Brendan's special interactions and have a truly unique and personal piece with one's own words and image.

New for this show is THE BOONJI SPACEMAN. A series of 47 unique sculptures crafted of stainless steel with a 7 layer silver based paint. The 47 represents the 47 years since man walked on the moon.

“However the most impactful element is the next step. That next step represents so many emotions and evokes so much wonder. Aren’t we all space travelers? Wondering what the next step will be?

Press Release